Orchestrate, Mobile Composer’s App for Sales Enablement

Orchestrating Enterprise Sales & Marketing Performance

The Opportunity

With years of consulting experience to develop custom mobile applications for sales and marketing teams, Mobile Composer recognized that there were many task-based apps that addressed a singular part of the marketing and sales process, but few tools that effectively support a sales rep through just-in-time training, through actual customer presentation in a way that was measurable and scalable.

The Solution

Orchestrate, Mobile Composer’s flagship SaaS native mobile product, helps enterprise companies, especially those in regulated industries like financial services and health care address three key needs that can drive marketing and sales performance by tying together. Ideal for distributed

  • Delivering Just-in-Time Training and Informal Knowledge Transfer

  • Sharing Relevant Documents

  • Creating and Delivering Presentations That are On Brand and On Message

The Result

Mobile Composer piloted Orchestrate through the U.S. Bank Innovation team in 2014, and it since has gained traction with national sales teams. Some of the significant outcomes have included:

  • Using Orchestrate to transfer informal knowledge through short peer videos about how to handle difficult conversations, close deals, etc.

  • The ability to “lock down” key elements of presentations and track which slides were used to ensure compliance in regulated industries

  • Tightening the relationship between marketing and sales by providing a way to instant


  • Business strategy

  • Product development

  • Mobile strategy

  • User experience

  • Design

  • Platform development

  • Custom development

  • Ongoing maintenance


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