The Mobile Composer team has 25+ years of experience supporting sales teams with the right tools in the right place, at the right time. It’s why we created Orchestrate, our flagship mobile product that helps companies to empower enterprise knowledge and employee self-help. Within Orchestrate, you can prepare, share and present, all within the same mobile application.

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Do you struggle to:

  • Provide just-in-time training anytime, anywhere?

  • Leverage the brain trust of your sales superstars to train-up your team?

  • Deliver presentations that are on message, on point all the time?

  • Manage the lifecycle of sales opportunities?

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Orchestrate makes it easy to measure and continuously improve the content, process and skills employees need to be successful. Ideal for marketing and sales organizations, field and customer service teams, distributors and franchisees, Orchestrate is delivered as a SaaS solution so that global enterprises can quickly deploy and scale, better managing investment and infrastructure.

The Orchestrate content management system allows nontechnical users to create, maintain and deploy content. The platform’s analytics capability captures every tap. swipe and click, gathering big data analytics effortlessly.

Built on the Mobile Composer Platform, Orchestrate leverages best practices for mobility, security, cross-platform deployment (iOS, Android and Windows) and using data for continuous improvement.

Orchestrate’s powerful combination of behavioral analytics and response mechanisms like ratings and quizzes provides powerful insights that can be used the continuously improve content, processes and people.


Be smart anywhere, with Orchestrate.



Orchestrate's Prepare delivers just-in-time refreshers, training, and communications so your employees are ready to perform.   Prepare delivers all of this whenever your employees need it, wherever they need it.


Orchestrate's Library allows administrators to share and manage the content users need most. Sell sheets, marketing collateral, support documents, whatever you employees need instant access to.  It's all in Orchestrate in one organized place.


Present is a robust presentation tool which allows the enterprise to create, manage and audit presentations while giving presenters the ability to create multiple story paths, use embedded calculators, and other features to drive deeper customer conversations.  All on a mobile device that empowers better presentations anywhere.