Mobile Composer’s Platform Delivers World-class Apps


Our Platform. Your App.


From start-ups to global enterprises, Mobile Composer’s platform supports mobile, IoT, web and big data applications.  

We provide the technology, the processes, the tools, and the best practices to speed development and get to market faster with less risk.


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The Benefits


By leveraging the Mobile Composer Platform, you can:


Routine audits and active management to meet stringent standards for regulated industries including financial services and health care, ensures compliance.

Accelerate the Right Product

Prototypes can quickly be developed and tested to benchmark and iterate solutions before they are launched, setting up products for optimum success.


Manage Your Content

Nontechnical administrators can create and update content, deploying within minutes, and providing a seamless user experience with the most up-to-date information.

Track and Analyze

We track every interaction within apps built on the platform–every tap, every swipe, every click. Using big data analytics, you can continuously improve your product and performance.


Comply with HipAA

The platform leverages the Microsoft Azure HIPAA compliance framework plus best practices for data security, reducing the time it takes for custom software products built on the platform to become HIPAA certified.

Comply with GDPR

The platform allows users to export their data while maintaining best practice data security to meet GDPR standards.