NeuroScience NeuroSelect Mobile App

Sharing data between health care providers, laboratories, and Neuroscience for better product selection

The Opportunity

Neuroscience provides custom supplements to patients via health care providers. When a patient visits a health care provider and tests are taken, the tests are sent to a lab for processing and then to Neuroscience to formulate the correct supplements. HIPAA rules apply when sending specific patient information from the lab to Neuroscience and prior to the NeuroSelect app, there has not been an effective way to get Neuroscience the information they need in a timely and effective way.

The Solution

The Mobile Composer Platform was leveraged to develop a mobile app that allows multiple methods for getting the data from the health care provider. When a test is submitted to the laboratory the result is submitted back to the health care provider with a QR code that includes the patient data but no identifying patient information. This information is then used by Neuroscience to select the correct product mix and provide the results through their secure health care provider interface.

The Result

This solution has provided a simple way for health care providers to work with Neuroscience and quickly and easily share the right patient data to get better results faster. By using a QR code, and de-identifying patients and using the highly secure Mobile Composer platform, we provided a solution that was compliant, without the need for HIPAA certification.

Neuroscience has been able to grow market share as a result of connecting the health care provider, the laboratory and their team. The app has made it easier for health care providers to select Neuroscience over other companies that provide supplements. 


  • Mobile strategy

  • User experience

  • Design

  • Platform development

  • Custom development

  • Ongoing maintenance


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