Your App Has Launched–Now What?

What is Managed Performance and Why Does It Matter?

Working with a solid technical team is critical to successfully building your Software as a Service (SaaS) products.  But what happens after your app is deployed?  Too often, we see teams that have not planned for who will be maintaining their software solutions, managing the hosting environment and making sure it is running well.

The Mobile Composer Platform™ streamlines the process for building your SaaS software, but we also provide our Managed Performance solution to ensure that your app is always up-to-date and working, anywhere, anytime.

The core components to delivering success are:

Hosting on Microsoft Azure - Our team manages the hosting environment on Microsoft's Azure platform.  We monitor and scale as needed, managing backups and security. 

Analytics - We provide ongoing analytics on the entire service for an app.  This includes infrastructure and hosting, database performance, api performance, app crash reporting and error reporting as well as usage information.  Our analytics help our customers make better decisions.

Optimization - Our team is constantly reviewing both infrastructure performance as well as service performance.  We use this data to update our configurations to maximize service performance.  This optimization and usage data is also used to make recommendations on features, performance, enhancements and customers.

Mobile App Maintenance - When operating systems update their versions existing apps need to be tested and sometimes redeployed to handle any feature changes.  As part of our Managed Performance process we automatically test, rebuild and redeploy these updates.

Ongoing Reporting- It’s not enough to just to gather data. We provide regular ongoing reporting to our clients, reviewing all aspects of an app, providing them insights to make better decisions about their business.

Managing and maintaining an app from both a content and technical perspective is critical to its continued success.  Our Managed Performance process let's our customers continue to focus on adding driving value while we manage and maintain a high quality, high performing solution.

Loren Horsager