Five reasons why we love the Microsoft Surface for sales teams.

Finally, there is a mobile solution for sales teams that we think requires no compromise. No more switching devices back and forth, no more compatibility issues with corporate and no more slimmed-down apps. 

Despite the rapid evolution of mobile technology, there has been a general acceptance that enterprise software will perform differently on a mobile device than on a laptop or desktop. But thanks to the seamless integration of Windows 10 with Microsoft’s Surface and similar tablets, this no longer needs to be the case. 

As a mobile technology company, Mobile Composer’s platform supports iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices. So why do we do we like Microsoft Surface tablets and other Windows 10 devices for sales teams?

1. Let’s reduce “device creep”

Sales reps quite simply won’t need multiple devices for their day-to-day tasks any longer. Reps can use the Windows-based enterprise systems and applications they have historically needed a laptop/desktop system for while still enjoying the mobile functionality of a tablet. A good example is the Salesforce1 App for Windows 10, which is specifically tailored for devices of this kind.

The form factor works well for consuming media and presenting in one-on-one situations, while still being more than equal to production tasks in laptop mode. Having a Surface 2-1 device means never having to juggle several devices in a meeting or having to stop and think about whether that one important piece of information is on your laptop or your tablet.

The benefits are real, and not just for sales reps. The enterprise no longer needs to purchase, maintain, or support multiple devices for each employee.

2. Flexible is better.

Sales reps need to be ready to present or respond in any environment, sometimes with only a moment’s notice. Reps can use the same information and presentation in one-on-one conversations in tablet mode, small groups in tent mode, or as a laptop plugged into a conference room’s projection system.

With this kind of flexibility it’s no wonder that detachable devices sold a record amount in 2015 and they are set to smash the record again, with Microsoft Surface increasing its market share into the double digits.

3. Data Quality Ensured

With Surface and other 2-1 devices, companies can leverage solid enterprise controls that are already in place. It’s easy to manage security. If someone loses their device, you can easily wipe it or lock it. These controls can be set up for tablet-only devices – it’s just that much simpler and faster for companies to ensure high-quality data control.

4. It’s Got The Power!

Although Surface devices might be a bit heavier than certain mobile devices on the market, the added power is well worth it. Videos and animations run better. They have the horsepower to run heavy-duty calculations. Performance is stable and reliable. With a Surface there really is no need to compromise on any of the fundamentals – a sales rep will have all the resources they need, 24/7.

5. The New Cool

Form and function combine to make a Surface device the thing that every sales rep will want to be seen with. As the performance of these devices has improved, so has the design. With its all-metal body, book-like hinge, super-bright PixelSense screen, and the Surface Pen that clings to the side of the screen, the Surface Book has an aesthetic that even fashion-conscious reps can be proud to carry.

With Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, there are no sacrifices in form over function or vice versa. Kudos to Microsoft. 

J. Hruby