Why We Created the Mobile Composer Platform™

With 20+ years of experience designing and leading technology projects, I came to embrace two core beliefs about software development:

  1. Software can transform an organization’s value in the market. We have all witnessed the digital transformation of business. This is true for both Fortune 500 companies as well as small organizations. Size doesn’t matter. Good ideas, well executed can create new revenue streams, improve business processes and change valuations from EBITDA to X.

  2. Developing that software can be challenging. Getting to the right solution, managing the development process and ensuring seamless continuity can be difficult Too many organizations get bogged down in the development process and never effectively deliver their business value to the market.

Six years ago, when we founded Mobile Composer, we based our company on the belief that by developing software products on a platform, companies could reduce risk, get to market faster and perhaps most importantly focus on driving the business solution, not developing the software.

In the rapidly changing world we live in, getting to market faster matters. A platform can provide a suite of standard components to quickly develop many aspects of a solution, regardless of how it is implemented–Web, mobile, iOT or AI. These components provide best practices for functionality that standardize how it is implemented across front-end and back-end solutions. In the process of developing a great solution, many new ideas and functionality will become apparent. Having a solid platform can help you iterate towards a “minimum lovable product, without killing your budget. Risk is reduced and applications can be managed over time for peak performance.

Mobile Composer Platform Diagram_001.png

Our clients range from startups to global enterprises, however, the one commonality they share is recognizing the value of driving their business goals by leveraging a development platform.

To learn more about the Mobile Composer Platform, request our white paper.

Loren Horsager