Case Study: Veritas AppAssist

Providing Just-In-Time Support to A Global Field Force

The Opportunity

Supporting a field force of 13,000+ service professionals in 84 countries is can be complex and expensive. Veritas, a global leader in data protection knew that that providing “just-in-time support” in a harsh data center environment would have a big impact on reducing time to serve, improving customer experience and minimizing expensive support calls. But what was the best way to meet these goals?

The Solution

Working with Mobile Composer Veritas now delivers step-by-step assistance and appliance documentation via AppAssist, a phone and tablet mobile solution. Leveraging the Mobile Composer platform, Veritas can manage and publish all content, deploying updates across the world in moments. The platform tracks every interaction within AppAssist to provide big data insights.

The Result

Veritas AppAssist is available in the Google store for Android phones, in the Apple store for iPhones and iPads, and 10 app stores in China, a significant market for the company.

Publishing content through a mobile solution has allowed them to both effectively and efficiently deliver the most current information to their field force and sales engineers.

By tracking within AppAssist, Veritas has a much richer understanding of how the field force approaches their work, uses Veritas products and has been able to uncover their unmet needs. Using this data generated by The Mobile Composer platform they have identified training gaps and potential product innovations. It has become the standard for how Veritas consistently delivers the most accurate and timely assistance support–anywhere, anytime.

Catherine Gillis