Future Proofing the Organization

The most valuable assets a business has are its people and what those people know. How can the organization benefit tomorrow from the hard-won knowledge gained yesterday? Capture it, manage it, and pass it on!


As millions of baby boomers exit the workforce, many companies are grappling with how to address the ensuing talent gap. According to a 2015 Gallup Report, one of the ways to future proof your company is to institute a knowledge management system that can capture everything from important contextual information such as the history of the company, its products and customers, as well as best practices.

A recent blog post from David Smith, Microsoft vice president of Worldwide Small and Mid-sized Business Sales, revealed the results of a Microsoft-commissioned study that found 93 percent of millennials said that working for a company with updated technology, services and solutions was important to them, while 48 percent said it was “extremely important.”

Mobile technology best supports the next generation of workers and the way they work. This is especially true for sales reps who are often distributed in many locations or working away from an office environment.

The sales reps who are winning deals are the ones who are recognizing opportunities sooner and driving deeper customer relationships throughout the course of the sales process. In today’s fast-paced, “always-on” sales environment, mobile apps are absolutely integral to sales success.

Catherine Gillis