From Enterprise to Entrepreneurship and Back Again

Mobile Composer Speaks at The Society for Concurrent Product Development on June 1, 2017

Loren Horsager and Catherine Gillis, Mobile Composer’s co-founders, started their company after years of working as technology and marketing consultants with large enterprise companies. In 2013, they founded Mobile Composer to create SaaS native mobile solutions that address the needs of sales and marketing teams, particularly within regulated industries. Orchestrate, the company’s flagship product was launched in 2014. They will share their story at the Society for Concurrent Product Development’s annual conference at the 3M Innovation Center on June 1, 2017. Horsager and Gillis will discuss how they went from idea to fully functional product, sharing key milestones along the way.

Orchestrate, Mobile Composer’s flagship SaaS mobile product, helps companies leverage mobile devices to drive enterprise knowledge sharing, boost sales productivity, and improve overall effectiveness in a way that is easy, engaging and measurable. Built on the Mobile Composer platform, users can prepare, share and present- all in one app. Every interaction is tracked providing big data insights to continuously improve people, processes and content.

“CRM solutions manage the lifecycle of an account,” Horsager said. “We see Orchestrate as a way to manage the lifecycle of sales reps, account executives, customer service teams and distributors. We know that when companies use mobile to provide sales enablement at the point of execution, they can dramatically improve their ability to drive performance.”

Learn more at or visit Mobile Composer’s case study on Microsoft’s website. 

J. Hruby