About Mobile Composer

At Mobile Composer we believe that mobile technology has the ability to radically change and improve how a company does business. As mobile devices have become a ubiquitous part of everyday life, they have also become a standard business tool.

Mobile Composer is focused on creating enterprise mobile solutions that solve real business problems. As a SaaS company, the Mobile Composer platform provides a suite of modules to quickly assemble best practice for enterprise native mobile applications.

Orchestrate, our flagship product, helps companies prepare, share and present to drive performance.

The Mobile Composer Platform


All of Mobile Composer’s products are developed on our core technology—The Mobile Composer Platform. Delivered as a SaaS model, companies benefit from best practices for mobility, stakeholder learning, sharing, and continuous improvement.


This cross platform (iOS, Windows and Android) technology handles all the aspects of native mobile app development that enterprise companies often struggle with– security, authentication, content synchronization, audit and tracking. The platform is supported by a content management system (CMS) and an analytics package.



The content management system (CMS) allows nontechnical users to create, manage and deploy mobile native mobile applications. Mobile Composer’s analytics package tracks every interaction and our dashboard gives companies a quick view into key performance indicators. Our analytics team can provide quarterly deep-dive analysis that uncovers insights, trends and opportunities for improvement.